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This section contains information and links (where applicable) for papers I have written and talks I have given. Feel free to contact me if there's anything missing or wrong here.


  1. forthcoming. The third person gap in adnominal pronoun constructions. Glossa.
  2. 2017. Greek and Romance Unagreement in Calabria (with Giuseppina Silvestri and M. Olimpia Squillaci). Journal of Greek Linguistics 17. pp. 263--292.
  3. 2017. Non-possessive person in the nominal domain. PhD thesis.
    [lingbuzz] or [here]
  4. 2016. Unagreement between Italian and Southern Italian dialects (with Giuseppina Silvestri and M. Olimpia Squillaci). Rivista di Grammatica Generativa 38, pp. 137-147.
  5. 2016. Unagreement is an Illusion. Apparent person mismatches and nominal structure. Natural Language and Linguistic Theory 34(2), pp. 543-592.
    prepublication draft on [lingbuzz] or [here]
  6. 2015. Demonstratives and personal pronouns. In Brown, J.M.M. & András Bárány (eds.). Cambridge Occasional Papers in Linguistics (COPiL) Volume 8: Proceedings of `Interactions between syntax and semantics across frameworks', 84-105. Cambridge: University of Cambridge, Department of Theoretical and Applied Linguistics.
  7. 2014. The semantics of adnominal pronouns and unagreement. In Veselovská, Ludmila and Markéta Janebová (eds.). Complex Visibles Out There. Proceedings of the Olomouc Linguistics Colloquium 2014: Language Use and Linguistic Structure, 175-191. Olomouc: Palacký University, 2014. ISBN 978-80-244-4384-3 (print); ISBN 978-80-244- 4385-0 (electronic version)
  8. 2014. Contextually conditioned allomorphy and the Basque locative: Spelling out the Basque extended nominal projection. In Kohlberger, Martin, Kate Bellamy & Eleanor Dutton (eds). ConSOLE XXI: Proceedings of the 21st Conference of the Student Organization of Linguistics in Europe (8-10 January 2013, Potsdam), pp. 146-170. Leiden: Leiden University Centre for Linguistics. ISSN: 1574-499X.
    [lingbuzz] or [from the proceedings website], alternatively [here]
  9. 2012. The Licensing of Adnominal PPs: The Case of Basque -ko. In Balázs Surányi and Diána Varga (eds.), Proceedings of the First Central European Conference in Linguistics for postgraduate Students, Budapest: Pázmány Péter Catholic University. 118-143.
    [lingbuzz] or [from the proceedings website], alternatively [here]
  10. to appear. An approach to Basque adnominal PPs. In Proceedings of YLD2011, Wrocław.
    [lingbuzz], alternatively [here]
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  • 2014. How ideology forges languages.
    Rough attempt at a short sketch of some thoughts on the relation between the notion of particular languages and nationalist ideology, inspired by Billig's (1995) "Banal Nationalism". Possibly somewhat commonsensical and rather incomplete. Comments welcome!
  • 2012. Unagreement is an Illusion: The structure of the extended nominal projection and apparent agreement mismatches. Master's thesis, UCL.
  • 2011. The Licensing of Adnominal PPs: The Case of Basque -ko. Bachelor thesis, Universität Potsdam.
    Available on request. Published excerpts linked above (2012 and to appear).
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Selected talks and posters

  • invited talk at This time for Africa reading group, Leiden University, March 2020
    "Prenominal a and nominal structure in three Gur languages of Burkina Faso" (joint work with Alain Hien)
  • invited talk at ComSyn reading group, Leiden University, March 2020
    "Demonstratives with participant readings"
  • ICGL 14, Patras, September 2019, poster
    "Non-third person demonstratives in Greek and German"
  • plenary talk at StuTS LXIV, Göttingen, November 2018
    "A sketch of Balkan unagreement (and slightly beyond)"
  • Nominals at the Interfaces, Seoul, November 2018
    "Structural variation in nominal person: Theoretical implications of a typological survey"
  • LinG1 -- Workshop on Agreement and Anaphoricity, September 2018, talk
    "Demonstrative unagreement"
  • 20th International Congress of Linguists, Cape Town, July 2018, talk
    "A crosslinguistic perspective on nominal person"
  • Manitoba Workshop on Person, September 2017, talk
    "Towards a typology of nominal person"
  • Int. Conf. on Language Contact in the Balkans and Asia Minor in Thessaloniki, November 2016, talk
    "Unagreement in the Balkans. Two case studies of language contact"
  • invited talk at University of Cyprus, November 2015
    "A survey of nominal person marking - some crosslinguistic generalisations"
  • ICGL 12 in Berlin, September 2015, talk
    "Greek and Romance Unagreement in Calabria" (joint work with Giuseppina Silvestri and M. Olimpia Squillaci)
  • IGG41 in Perugia, February 2015, poster
    "Unagreement between Italian and Southern Italian dialects" (joint work with Giuseppina Silvestri and M. Olimpia Squillaci)
  • Cambridge Syntax Cluster event, January 2015, talk
    "Person marking and demonstratives - united under one head?"
  • invited talk at University of the Basque Country, Vitoria-Gasteiz, December 2014
    "Issues in the exponence of person and demonstratives"
  • LAGB 2014, Oxford, September 2014, talk
    "Unagreement ≠ imposters"
  • Olinco 2014, Olomouc (Czech Republic), June 2014, talk
    "Unifying the semantics of unagreement and adnominal pronoun constructions"
  • CamCoS 3, Cambridge (UK), May 2014, talk
    "Of articles, person markers and anchoring. Some initial thoughts"
  • 11 International Conference on Greek Linguistics, Rhodes, September 2013, talk
    "Unagreement and 'hidden' nominal structure"
  • SLE Annual Meeting, Split, September 2013, poster
    "The illusion of unagreement: A unified structure for DPs, pronouns and pro"
  • LAGB Annual Meeting, SOAS/London, August 2013, talk
    "The Unagreement Conspiracy: Nominal structure and zero spell-out"
  • ICL 19, Geneva, July 2013, talk
    "Unagreement is an Illusion: The distribution of person features in the extended nominal projection"
  • ACED 15, Bucharest, June 2013, talk
    "Null pronouns, nominal structure and the illusion of unagreement"
  • ConSOLE XXI, Potsdam, January 2013, talk
    "Contextually conditioned zero spell- out of the Basque locative"
  • BCGL7 (The Morphology-Syntax Interface), Brussels, December 2012, talk
    "The size of the spell-out domain: context-sensitive allomorphy and the Basque 'case paradigm'"
  • Workshop on Locality and Directionality at the Morphosyntax-Phonology Interface, Stanford University, October 2012, poster
    "Contextually conditioned zero spell-out of the Basque locative"
  • CECIL'S 2, Budapest, August 2012, talk
    "The 'case' system of Basque: A non-paradigmatic approach"
  • LI. StuTS, Stuttgart, May 2012, talk
    "Clefting PPs in German: dass-clefts"
  • ConSOLE XX, Leipzig, January 2012, talk
    "The Licensing of Adnominal PPs: The Case of Basque -ko"
  • XLVI. StuTS in Bochum, November 2009, talk
    "Frequential and Positional Patterns of Attributive Participles in Russian and German"
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  • Nacht des Wissens, Göttingen, January 2020, talk
    "Multilingualism and Banal Nationalism" ()
  • Festival of Ideas, Cambridge (UK), October 2013, talk
    "Do the limits of my language mean the borders of my world?"
    [slides] [audio] or [downloadable mp3 here].
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